November 2023: School visits to Nepal with Delta Wereldscholen and Stichting Maya in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Aim is to establish a joint cooperation between Delta Scholengroep schools and local schools.

October 2023: Project Matunkha, Rumphi, Malawi. World Projects visited for meetings on behalf of Delta Wereldscholen and to see how the Vocational Training Centre accommodation is developing. A large container holding Automotive materials will be shipped soon from the Netherlands so when the classrooms are ready the most modern automotive training can be given.

August 2023: Project Mwena Primary School, Mwena, Kenia.
Close to the Tanzanian border the Mwena Primary School will exchange with the Delta Scholengroep in Arnheim, Netherlands. For this a visit was paid in August to discuss the options of a mutal cooperation. World Projects acts as Program Coordinator.

May 2023: We partner with the "For Youth Business Innovation Network" (4YBIN) in Tigris, Ethiopia.

Goal of 4YBIN is to provide youth comprehensive support packages to start their own businesses including business idea generation, business plan development, entrepreneurship and technical training, technology selection, financing start-ups and creating market linkages in Tigris, Ethiopia.

Have al look at the website and see their work !

May 2023: The Matunkha Vocational Centre in Rumphi in the North of Malawi is, as is the Don Bosco Insitute in Lilongwe, for many years, supported by us.

This October we will visit them both and agree upon our support together with the Delta Wereldscholen for the next years.

Our board member and education expert Ruud Rouvoet visited them nearly every year in the past as our representative and also took care of their official Malawian Vocational Education certification.

May 2023: A Memo of Understanding (MoU) was signed this month in Baku, Azerbaijan, between World Projects chairman Marten Jansen, and Emil Gurbanov, Deputy Director of the Professional Hospitality Services School.

We will start doing eduction on Hotel and Hospitality Management in July in Baku (and other areas in Azerbaijan) !

Our education expert Bram de Muijnck and boardmember Roeland ten Napel are ready to go !

April 2023: World Projects has signed an agreement with the Delta Wereldscholen in Arnhem to take care of their NGO back office for all their projects in Developing Countries, Emerging Markets and other countries.

We will start with doing the back office for their projects in Kenia, Nepal and Malawi and will be working closely with them to expand on a number of eduational projects soon.

Chairman of the Delta Scholengroep Executive Board, Peter Dooijeweerd and Chairman World Projects, Marten Jansen have been working together for some years and agreed that this would be a major step forwards in their mutual cooperation. The initial agreement is signed for 2 years.

April 2023: On track with collecting Educational demo's and materials for the Matunkha Vocational Training Center in the North of Malawi. Thank you all(!): - Regionaal Opleidingscentrum MBO Utrecht - Regionaal Opleidingscentrum MBO Amersfoort - Regionaal Opleidingscentrum Deltion College Zwolle - Ontwikkelingsorganisatie Edukans Amersfoort - Ontwikkelingsorganisatie Wilde Ganzen Amersfoort - Huisvestingsbegeleider Flex Facility - De kerkelijke Zuiderpoortgemeente Almere - Data Design System Utrecht - Dura Vermeer Utrecht - Elektrobedrijf Alfen Almere - Montessorie Lyceum Oostpoort Amsterdam - VMBO Het Element Amersfoort - Van Kampen Groep Verzekeringen Hoorn - Louwman & Parqui Toyota importeur Nederland - Logtistiek ondernemer LIS Logistics Almere - Ontwikkelaar online leeromgeving Tien- Innovatie Bunschoten - Hoveniersbedrijf De Kroon in Andijk - Camping Smalbroek Beilen - Constructiebedrijf VNG Sierhekwerk Nijkerk

On March 17th 2023 a meeting was held at the Pakistan Embassy in The Hague between Rao Rizman Ul Haq, Trade and Investment Counsellor Pakistan and Marten Jansen, Chairman at World Projects Netherlands.
Aim was to see how we could optimize our cooperation.

February 2023: Education on 3D printing at the Don Bosco Institute in Lilongwe, Malawi by our education expert Ruud Rouvoet

March 2022: Hotel and Hospitality training given in Islamabad, Skardu and Hunza, North Pakistan by our training expert Bram de Muijnck

November 2021: Pakistan Institute for Tourism and Hotel Management in Karachi. A meeting was held between World Projects, Marten Jansen and the Pakistan Institute for Tourism and Hotel Management to discuss how we could support in strenghtening their education curriculum.

On November 5th 2021 a meeting was held between the Dutch Embassy in Islamabad and World Projects.

Thank you Paul Ederer (First Secretary Economic Affairs) and Sundus Munawar (Policy Officer Economic Affairs) for the opportunity to meet and explain our work.

October 2021: A meeting was held in Karachi between Ismail Suttar, President of the Employers Federation of Pakistan and Marten Jansen, Chairman of World Projects expressing the wish to cooperate in future projects

October 2021: Meeting with the TDCP in Rawalpindi A very useful meeting was held with the TDCP in Rawalpindi last week. Thank you for your support Naveed Anjum !

August 2019: With our educational and financial support the Don Bosco Institute in Lilongwe, Malawi, was able to certify their new students at the Hospitality and Hotel Course

February 2019: A meeting was held at the Technical Insititute - Mzuzu - Malawi to improve education