We offer general support (training, Education, funding and content)

Vocational training and (technical-) education

  • We advise on strengthening the Curriculum.
  • We support in Training and Education.
  • We support with materials and equipment.
  • We support with funding.
  • We offer on-line exchange with students. 
  • We offer on-line exchange with teachers.
  • We assist at your Education Centre and/or on-line.
  • We have well experienced experts to assist you.
  • We were and are involved in a lot of Educational projects in a lot of Developing Countries.
  • We strongly support gender equality and empowering women initiatives.
How does it work?

In general if your request matches the criteria:

  • We pay 50% for flights, Visa, insurance and cost and expenses related to the expert. The expert and training or advise cost is paid by us
  • You pay 50% for flights and local cost: e.g. transport, room, food & beverage and translator costs.